6 Ways to Pray for Your Kids Throughout the Day and New Year

Ever feel guilty about not praying enough for your children? You’re not alone.

Committing to praying for our kids requires discipline, intentionality and a willingness to engage with God on a regular basis. It’s easy amidst the busyness of daily life to let this slide down the priority list.

But, it’s a new year and a chance for new spiritual goals. Few goals are more important than immersing your kids in prayer.

How can you improve your prayer time for your kids? Here are six suggestions:

1. Ask your kids how you can pray for them
If your children are older (depends on the child’s maturity level, but typically early elementary or older), consider asking them once a week for prayer requests. The younger they are, the more assistance they may need. Taking prayer requests from your children also makes you accountable to actually pray for them!

2. Quality over quantity
The Bible says we should pray without ceasing — not just for our children but in our regular communication with God. But Scripture doesn’t say a strong prayer life is measured by quantity of time. It’s more about us conforming to God’s will and praying with faith and fervency. As James 5:16 says, The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.

3. Keep prayers short and sweet
Brief intercession throughout your day may work well with your schedule and your attention span. Instead of praying for one longer time frame, sprinkle requests here and there across the day.

4. Use model prayers
Do you get in ruts when praying for your kids? It’s a challenge to keep our prayers fresh. They may sound the same and cover the same topics without outside help.

Try these two free email prayer services:

Real World Parents sends suggested prayers for each day.

When Mama Hen Prays provides scripted prayers based on specific Scripture verses. Using God’s very words as the basis of our prayers is powerful.

5. Prompt yourself to pray
A former colleague at Awana used his work computer’s electronic calendar to prompt him to prayer at set times of the day. If he wanted to pray for his children at 10 a.m., 1 p.m. and 4 p.m., he’d set “meetings” on his work calendar to remind him to pray. As a reminder popped up on his monitor, he’d take a minute to lift his kids’ needs to God.

If you own a mobile device, you could practice the same prayer strategy. Or maybe you and your spouse can text message each other at set times of the day as a reminder to take a minute or two and pray for one of your kids. It provides accountability and helpful notices that keep you on track.

6. Pray for and with your child
At bedtime, pray not only with your children but for them. This serves three purposes:

  • You’re faithfully praying for her needs.
  • She hears you modeling prayer.
  • She gets encouraged knowing her mom and dad love her so much that they talk to God on her behalf.
  • Your bond grows stronger as she hears her parents taking time to pray for her.

What do you do to pray throughout the day for your kids? Please share a comment.


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