31 Practical Ways to Be a Great Parent

be a great parent in 2012Parenting is filled with joys and challenges. One author says it is akin to “having your heart go walking around outside your body.” And it really doesn’t get easier with age!

The following list is not meant to be thorough. It offers practical ways we all can improve as parents. Consider incorporating a few ideas into your parenting this month. (There’s one for each day in January if you’re up for a challenge!)

In random order:

1. Pray for your child in her presence at the start and close of each day. Keep it brief, but put thought into what you say.

2. Tell your child on a regular basis that you love him.

3. Hug your child often.

4. Spend at least 30 minutes of one-on-one time with your child each week. Turn off your cell phone and focus on him.

5. Tell her you’re proud of her. Be specific why.

6. Surprise your child with a small gift that you know he’d appreciate.

7. Read the Bible or a devotional lesson together at least weekly – even if your child is a teen.

8. Play a board or card game with your child.

9. Take out your child for breakfast or lunch at least monthly.

10. Take off work early to cheer him on at an after-school activity.

11. Give your child an encouraging card, e-card or email message.

12. Leave an inspirational quote on your child’s pillow before her bedtime.

13. Learn a Bible verse or passage together.

14. Praise your child in front of his teachers or peers.

15. Make a dinner of his choice with him.

16. Serve with your child somewhere in your community – such as a nursing home, homeless shelter or hospital.

17. Ask your child to forgive you for something you did to her recently, such as losing your temper.

18. Pray for your child for five minutes every day.

19. Pray regularly that God would grow you as a parent.

20. Join your child in a random act of kindness for a neighbor.

21. Play catch with him.

22. Rent a funny movie, pop popcorn and laugh hysterically together.

23. Help your child with homework. Commit to being very patient!

24. Hold a family faith night. Do a fun activity, read a Bible passage and pray together.

25. Prioritize healthy eating and exercise habits for your whole family. Reward your kids when they achieve milestones.

26. Plan a fun weekend or day trip away for the two of you.

27. Take lots of pictures of your child and your family.

28. Devote yourself to only disciplining your child in love. This may mean delaying discipline for a few minutes while you collect your emotions and pray.

29. Put a picture of her in your wallet or purse. Look at it and thank God for something about her daily.

30. Celebrate your child’s successes with enthusiasm.

31. Be the first one to encourage your child when she experiences pain or failure.

Question: What would you add to the list?


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